Instagram Eats and Inspiring Blogs

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Hey there, how's your week been treating you so far?  I'm curious to know--how's your healthy (or semi-healthy) eating these days?  Have you been struggling in that area and perhaps in need of some motivation? 

Maybe I can help a bit! These are some of my Instagrammed meals so you really should excuse the blurry phone pictures.  Even still, I hope that you can get some ideas on how to eat healthfully on a reasonable budget.  Remember that your pursuit of healthful eating doesn't have to be perfect, and as long as you enjoy the taste of your food and you know you're getting in your nutrients, that's all that matters. :)  As for myself?  I've been trying to throw together whatever is in my pantry, and quite surprisingly it's been wonderful and a whole lot cheaper than going out.


Okay so--this one was definitely a "treat".  It's not on the cheap end as you would have guessed, so you bet that this heavenly Acai Bowl from Beach Bowls in Torrance was savored down to the last bit.  Selah was a fan from the get-go and she would get mad whenever I stopped feeding it to her, hah!


Next to my love for quinoa protein pancakes (or any pancakes for that matter), long lives my love for oats!  Especially when they're as easy as 1-2-3.  This bowl of raw oats cereal consists of 1/4 C oats, soymilk, flax, banana, mango, cinnamon, and a dollop of Chobani key lime yogurt.  It was also really nice to hear that my friend loved it so much! 


Matcha overnight oats for the win!  And some life+faith inspiration never hurt anyone. :)


And to continue on with the matcha flavor theme, the other day I managed to whip up a super fast and improvised batch of matcha oat muffins!  Although it was tasty, it was improvised so definitely far from perfect--meaning, not worth sharing the recipe.


I know this looks scary, guys.  But hear me out.  This mishmash of leftover taco meat with baked potato, cheese, and ketchup was amazing!  You know those days when it's challenging to take a breather?  Yeap, that's what this kind of dinner is for.

Inspiring Blogs

I often get inspired by certain bloggers' amazing work.  Whether it be a mouthwatering recipe, jaw dropping photography skills, or unique DIY ideas, all of that contributes to making life a bit more fun and cute, wouldn't you agree? ;)

These amazing key lime tartlettes by Eva.  You know my love for all citrus flavored desserts.

A thoughtful post on detoxing our digital system.  It's definitely a challenge nowadays, but I'm determined to make that a way of living before my life becomes too digitally cluttered.

Strawberry oat scones by Hummingbird High.  Need I say more?! 

Changing up your photography station can do wonders!  Ashley is always so generous with her photography knowledge.

A plateful of heirloom caprese with mint pesto sounds so refreshing.  Love and Lemons' recipes and photos are both a breath of fresh air.

Adorable kid party foods that make me want to be a child again.  Joy Cho's whimsical ideas are so fun to read about!

Every outfit is so fun--whether it's simple, old school, classy, or preppy--Marta has a knack for styling unique outfits.

Have a blessed day and let's make the most of it by adopting hopeful attitudes!

Who has been inspiring you lately? 

What are some awesome links you've found?