Wedding, Running, and Selah's First Cake in Kansas

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Sorry for the lazy title, but I had no creativity in me when I was trying to come up with one!  And if you happened to check in on Fit for the Soul the past week, I have to say, oops, I kind of disappeared for almost the whole week!  But I have a good reason for it and it's because we got to visit somewhere really fun.


Errrr okay, so...Kansas isn't necessarily known to be the most exciting place in the world by general consensus (even Greg agrees), but every time I go there to visit Greg's family, that notion is proven wrong. 

The reason for it this time around? Ohhhh I don't know... :)

I guess you could say that we got to jet ski on Greg's parents' lake, played with Selah in the water for the first time ever, attended our beautiful cousin's wedding, met some amazing people, and had some great laughs watching Selah indulge in her first cake ever.  This little girl knows how to eat and I can definitely tell she's my daughter by the way she enjoys her cake, hah!  In short, we were so blessed to have this opportunity to wind down and enjoy life little by little with our loved ones.

Selah playing on grampa's dock!

The day we discovered how much she loves water. 

I am still thinking of how I can get even with Greg.  He dunked me in the water while going 30mph, but I still made sure to take him down with me! 


Exploring gramma+grampa's beautiful and spacious home--going up the stairs is apparently her new obsession, but unfortunately we don't have stairs in our house.  And this brings me to a whole new topic which I will try to keep brief.  During this trip we realized just how much a baby needs to be let loose!  What a concept, huh?  It is essential to let baby roam around so that she'll have more freedom and incentive to sharpen her gross motor skills.  Even if it means that you have to clean every single day.  And if you live in a space that is rather small like ours, you might be tempted to confine her to one small section of the house...but I now realize that opening up the place for baby is that much more important to encourage exploring, standing, and even walking. Our plan is to somehow gate the cat food+litter area and leave the rest for Selah to crawl and walk in.  I would love any feedback on this topic if you're a cat owner, by the way!  I really could use the help, hah!


A sweet 1st birthday party (yes, again on top of the Dohljanchi) because gramma wanted to celebrate with her too. :)

She dove straight into that cake!  It was love at first sight and her game face was definitelly ON...too cute!  Also, check out the first picture.  She looks like she's blessing somebody, hahaha.

You may have already seen one of my only 2 updates on Instagram that week, but let me refresh your memory.  Our beautiful cousin got married and had the wedding reception at a Catholic church. It was probably one of the coolest party rooms I have ever seen because it is built to look like Venice, Italy.  Or at least, that's the idea I got.  St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church is located in Andover, in case you Kansans (?) need it for reference.

I tried to keep fitness to a minimum and stay as balanced as I could--juggling family time, attending events like the wedding, etc., and I knew I didn't want to be robbed of precious time with my in-laws just to suit my lifestyle of working out.  So I only ran 2 times out of the 4.5 days we were there, and each time it only took me 15 minutes to feel completely WIPED OUT!  It was extremely humid in Wichita and although I love humidity, running in it is a whole different story.  It almost felt as if I was running on the mountains or something.

They aren't kidding when they say that Kansas weather is crazy spontaneous!  This was taken just a few hours after we got done jet skiing on the lake.  Crazy, right?

And surprisingly I completely forgot to take photos of what I ate in Kansas, oops.  Also, don't worry.  We will be back to our fitness and recipe posts soon.  The past 2 weeks have been rather special with all these events going on. :)

Have you jet skiied before? Were you traumatized like me?

Where do you normally travel if you need to take a break?

-We don't have a set destination, but Kansas and Arizona is where our family is at.  We would love to go back to Kauai, though!