Lately {Mother's Love}

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Hey there! Taps the mic.  

Is this thing on?  Oh yes, hello my fellow humanoids! Nervous giggle ensues.

I am pleased to say that I am alive and well, despite the fact that it has been an innnnnteresting week.  In what ways was it interesting, you ask?  Well, let's just start by saying that it's true what they say.  When baby is sick, it's almost like you're sick. 

Selah playing in tent.jpg

Unfortunately earlier this week, Selah caught an ear infection and her fever was hovering 103 F out of nowhere, so initially we thought she was just teething.  Thankfully our parent(ly) hunch led us to take Selah to the doctor and all was good!  Well not really.  The antibiotics she was prescribed contained Penicillin and lo and behold, the poor buggaboo is allergic to the stuff!  Did you know that?  I didn't know that.  I mean, how do you know if your child is allergic to certain medications when they're still so inexperienced?  Beats me. And we found out the hard way, as she suddenly broke out in hives all over her chin, neck, stomach, and diaper area. 

Well, thanks to this episode I have been watching her like a hawk!  But a happy hawk. :)  Even though it all sounds so terrible, which it kind of is if I think about the suffering she's going through, I am extremely grateful for the ability to stay at home right now.  It's times like these I realize all these luxuries (even a good dr.) might not be here forever.  Who knows what life can bring about?  And it's this kind of circumstance that truly helps me see what I'm made of.  I may not be a perfect mom (obviously), but God sure has granted me the patience to endure this thing.  First of all, I now fully understand what our parents mean when they say cheesy lines like, "I wish it was me instead of you because this hurts me more than it hurts you."  And what's more is the fact that I now grasp a greater understanding of God's fatherly and perfect love.


Because in light of the fact that we aren't able to stick to our normal routine and everything is somewhat out of whack, the love that I have for this little child outshines every negative aspect.   Every negative aspect except the endless reruns of Frozen, and the fact that I can't get the songs out of my head!  But in all seriousness, it makes me wonder much more does it hurt God when we're hurting--or worse yet, when we're hurting ourselves?  Something to think about, right?

Super deep and dramatic rant over.


Now, I still could use some of this beach right now.  I definitely wouldn't complain about it, if you know what I mean. ;)

What are some recent experiences that have helped you see what you're "made of"?