Marvelous Mother's Day!

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

I bet you probably read at least 10 blogs with a Mother's Day recap, but I loved mine so much that I just had to share!   Ahhhh, 'twas a marvelous celebration for me as a new mother, and I definitely hope for more good ones in the future.  Ahem, are you reading this, in-the-future-all-grown-up-Selah? 

Today I am joining in on Katie's Marvelous Monday link-up, and I wish this sweet lady a happy belated celebration too, since her rockstar boy, Rocco, is Selah's age. 


My first celebration as a momma entailed....


Healthy french toast topped with almond butter, greek yogurt, chia, berries, and my new foodie find, Bear Naked Maple granola.  


A wonderful lunch provided by the men at church.  We didn't have to lift a finger since they showered us with service and appreciation! :)  Well, some of us moms were running around like crazy, but that was because our babes were acting rather needy like somebody I know.  Haha.  Selah looks extremely happy, doesn't she?


A photo shoot with some of us moms, being silly and feeling like superstars!


A light snack for my sweet tooth featuring Ry-Krisp and my usual favorites.  Hey, gotta have some balance, right?  Especially since I had one of the most scrumptious cakes yesterday and was still craving for more sweets!  It was a Middle Eastern cake that was reminiscent of dulce de leche, the middle layer was like crispy wafer and the rest was really moist and fluffy.  I really have to get my hands on that cake and show you the evidence of how glorious it was.


The sweetest care package from one of the moms at church!  I am always grateful when someone even thinks of me, but this cute gift touched me so much...I know how much thought she put so much into picking out the items--which happen to be really awesome, by the way. :)  The Almay lip gloss and Nivea lip butter are so velvety smooth I feel kind of giddy thinking about them.


Some delicious food at my parents' house!  Great company, my favorite eats (aka sashimi galore), all three generations of us women, and this beautiful girl that I call my daughter. 

Although I was wiped out at the end of the day since Sundays are extremely busy for our family, I felt so...content and satisfied in my soul.  #grateful

How did you spend your Sunday (or did you do something special to celebrate)?

What kind gestures from other people have made you smile recently?  Or vice versa.