May Favorites

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

As you can already tell (unless you are new here), my blogging schedule has been a tiny bit off since last week, but sometimes spontaneity is good so I'll be sharing my May Favorites today!  As always, please excuse the fuzzy phone picture quality. :)

Food Love

Soba with Creamy Tangerine Honey Dressing


This accidental dish was a serious hit in our household!  Like, seriously.  Even Greg, who isn't a fan of fresh/salad type dishes loved it.  The dressing is perfectly sweet and great to include in your pursuit of healthy eating. Don't you just love "accidents" that result in success? ;)

Mango Banana Smoothie


Alright, you guys.  I confess that I slipped out of my smoothie+juice habit not long after my 21 day Eat Beautifully Challenge because I was constantly craving thick and solid snacks.  I did make smoothies sporadically when the craving hit, but last week I started to make them for Selah and myself more regularly.  This refreshing combo is quite thick so if you are a fan of thick smoothies, then this might be your thing! 

Into the blender:  About 1 whole mango, 1 frozen banana, milk of choice enough to loosen it up.  Add toppings and it serves 1 adult and 1 baby!

"Simple" Waffles

These waffles.  Inspired by the one and only Lindsay Cotter!  She Instagrammed this combination the other day, and ever since it stuck with me till this morning.  So I decided to top waffles with some butter, halfway boiled eggs, and a light drizzle of pure maple syrup.  It was mind-blowingly amazing!  At least to me, anyway.

Fitness Love

How to Relax and Loosen Up your Trapezius Muscles


My trapezius muscles tend to grow extremely quickly, and since they have been really tight for the past few weeks I decided to do something about it.  I followed this tutorial and have been using a belt for my traps throughout the day.  It feels really relaxing and yes, I may look like a dork when I do this, but I am hoping my tight muscles will reap some benefit from this habit.

Sprinting in Front of my House

Who knew that interval sprinting right in front of my house and jump roping would be so challenging?!  I thought that in order to run I had to go to the park, but since I haven't had much time for that I discovered sprinting in short bursts is just as effective for cardio, if not more than running for an extended period of time.

Fun Moments

My Loves


Need I say more?!  Look at that grin! 

Kids Say {Do} the Darndest Things

I don't talk very often about the fact that our family is in the Ministry, or at least I haven't for a very long time!  But I have to share about the one time our church kids thought we were the Obama family.  For part of the lesson they were asked to draw a family that was famous or everyone knew, and then the rest of the class had to guess which family it was.  Well, two of them drew us, but the rest of the class thought Greg was president Obama.  Gosh, what would this world be without the humor of children, eh?  #thatonetimewewerefamous

Have a great rest of the day and take care!

Past Monthly Favorites

What are some of your May favorites?

What are some of the funniest things you've heard or seen kids do?

Any food inspirations as of late?