Ultimate Ab & Fat Burner with "Valslides" or Socks {Vlog}

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Have you ever heard of Valslides?  I am sure you have if you hung around the internet long enough.  Ever since seeing Valslides pop up left and right, I have been tempted to make the purchase...but then I thought to myself, "Heyyyy I think I could do those ab exercises without the actual equipment.  How about, socks?!  Yes yes yes, pure genius you are, Ellie." 


And thus, this Ultimate Ab & Fat Burner Workout was born.  Although I haven't tried the actual product, I am pretty certain that socks or anything slippery, for that matter, work just as well.  If you have carpeting you can probably use some type of plastic so you can slide easily on the floor. 

You guys, this may look like a simple and short workout--only 18 minutes long!  But it is anything but easy!  I give these sliding ab exercises a lot of credit for my fun fitness journey, as I see new ab definition and core strength on this gal, ahem.  Come on, don't tell me I'm the only who doesn't mind building a nice core...? :) 

I really hope you enjoy these because not only are they fun, {somewhat} innovative, cost efficient, space friendly, and best of all, they rend results.  Okay now I'm starting to sound like an infomercial. 

Have you used Valslides before, or have you performed sliding ab exercises?

What is your current favorite core move for strengthening and toning?