Scenes from the Weekend {On Nephew Duty}

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in ,

I've been told that a hangover is one of the most terrible feelings ever, and although I never had one myself, I think I now have an idea of the horror it is.  Yesterday morning, as soon as I opened my eyes in response to Selah's "chirping", I immediately lost balance while in bed. 

I am not kidding when I say that the whole room was spinning round and round and I had the hardest time centering myself for at least 3 hours, followed by episodes of slight tightness in my chest.  Thankfully every bit of discomfort subsided and I regained my energy back a few hours later, but even then I had zero desire to write up a post.  Man, I sure would love to know what those symptoms mean because it's not uncommon for me to get dizzy out of the blue, and this one was the worst yet (but I was told I don't have vertigo)!! 

Anyway, I hope your weekend is going fantastic and that you feel healthy and strong! 


Aside from that little inconvenient episode, I had a preeeeettyyyy great weekend filled with family time all around.  Greg and I offered to watch our nephew, Daniel, on Friday so my sis & brother-in-law could go on their anniversary date.  We both know how awesome it feels to just chill with your spouse and do whatever your heart desires, so this was a must!  Daniel came over early that day, so Selah and I spent the whole day with him until Greg got home. 


Daniel runs up to uncle Greg and as usual, he gets tickled to death

Kids are seriously so helpful when their parents aren't around because Daniel was the perfect older brother to Selah.  Then Greg got off work and we headed out to a pizza dinner. 


Pizza isn't really my favorite because I always end up feeling sick somehow, but I make exceptions for the kiddos (that includes Greg). ;) 

After that we went to Mulligan Family Center in Torrance, as you may have seen already on Instagram.


Let me tell oh man, were we glad that this place was near us!  It was the perfect place for a 4 year old to run around in and have a blast.  Think of it as a mini Chuck E Cheese...but with a huge backyard that is laid out with a paddle boating "lake" and a sizable go-kart track for children and adults.  

As you can tell, I felt bad that he got stuck out there but ummmm I thought it was kind of cute and even hilarious!  I'm such a sweet aunt, aren't I?! :)

Foodie Finds

And to cap off this post, I just want to share two new food products that are amazing! 


Kind Bars has done it again...The new honey smoked BBQ protein bars sound utterly unappetizing, I know.  But they are so delicious, especially if you like the sweet & salty combo!  It literally has a sweet bbq taste with a tinge of cayenne that tingles the back of your throat. 


I guess I am one of those suckers who fall prey to billboard advertising.  Lately I've been seeing the Tillamook ice cream ADs while driving, and when I saw it at the store I immediately snatched a tub from the fridge!  You can never go wrong with vanilla, and this Tillamook ice cream is probably one of the best my taste buds have ever known.  It is extremely creamy and tastes homemade, but surprisingly the calories aren't as high as some brands out there. 

Thank You Now and Forever

I also want to take this time to truly truly thank every single soul that is now serving or has served our country.  As I grow older and wiser I have had the opportunity to see the real sacrifice all these men and women have given us.  Not only are they giving up their physical bodies for the well-being of our nation, but they are also giving up their sense of peace and security, for so many of them come back changed forever and not to their benefit....Oftentimes those hurdles take a lot of strength to overcome!  So once again, thank you and God bless you!

Have a beautiful start to your week, guys!


What are some of the best foodie finds you have come across recently?

How did you spend your weekend?

Growing up, what are your best memories with uncles and aunts?

-I didn't grow up around relatives, so I want to live through it by being the best aunt I can be to Daniel. :)