See You on the Other Side

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in ,

Sometimes there are things in life that deserve to take first priority, like being there for our friends.  All I can say is that life can throw some unexpected events, surprises, and losses, as it is in this case. A dear friend of mine, whom I had lost touch with over the past few years, has gone to be in our Daddy's presence last Wednesday.  There are not many words I can say, except that grieving can come in so many different waves and magnitudes.  Although I do want to continue living my life as usual and go on my daily tasks with fortitude, I also want to live with even more purpose than before.  More mindfulness of my loved ones as I take advantage of their amazing presence in my life. 

Contrary to popular thinking, tomorrow is never promised and the day to love and live to the fullest is TODAY.  All I can say is--dear brother, you've fought the good fight!  I am thankful that you were the one who so perfectly related to me in those times when I felt like the biggest outsider in this foreign land...when I didn't know what this immigrant life had in store for me, really.  Thank you for your consistent faith and for being the example of an open ear and an open heart not only to me, but to all.  We are proud of you and can't wait to see you on the other side!  Probably break dancing to heavenly tunes and tripping a time or two.

So with that said, I will probably be back next Monday or Tuesday with our normal schedule, you guys.  This week is busy to the max as I'm tying loose ends with a workshop I'm teaching for a youth conference.  I am excited and rather nervous for some reason, so prayers are much appreciated!  I wish you a blessed week and see you soon!