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Since I don't find myself with enough time on my hands this week, I will keep this post short and sweet.  And sweet, it is!  Because...


Ummmm will you just look at that beautiful mess?!  Greg decided that it would be a great idea to start baking again, so he purchased a box of Reese's Cupcake mix and whipped up these beauties--except, they are now sitting right in front of my eyes and I just can't seem to look elsewhere.  It's a quality problem, isn't it?  :)  I love the fact that he finally gained some motivation to bake because there is nothing sweeter than seeing your man in the kitchen, hah! 

Random side story:  when Greg and I first met at a CCC Bible study and went on a group picnic at the park, he seriously impressed me by bringing homemade cookies.  And by 'impressed', I mean that I kind of swooned right then and there...


I am also working on some fun details for Selah's first birthday party (Dohl in Korean).  Like I mentioned before, I probably won't go crazy on the small details, but I still want to keep it fun and colorful.  You can see that it will be centered around a bird theme!  After I chose the theme I realized that it was somewhat similar to our wedding. 

I have also been extremely inspired by this beautiful young woman who auditioned for the X Factor in Australia!  My dad is obsessed with her gift and awesome personality, and he definitely rubbed that off on me.  Dami Im is a woman of otherworldly humility and truly shines from the inside out.  I am blown away!

And tell me, guys...can judges me any more arrogant and superficial?  Just because a person does not fit into the mainstream mold in terms of appearance, it does not give us the license to  assume that they don't have God-given talents and abilities.  This is a great example of looking at a person's heart rather than the surface. 

She totally rocks it at the grand finale with her emotional and carefree singing.  I can feel the emotions spilling out of this performance!!!

Have a blessed day, and let's make it a purposeful one!


What are your thoughts on people's (judges specifically) perceptions regarding those who don't fit "into the mold", so to speak?

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