What Is There to Say?

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Hello dear friends, after debating about whether or not I should mention anything on the blog in regards to the Boston Marathon tragedy, I decided that I need to at least acknowledge the lives that have been scarred and the families of those who have passed on.  Truth be told, I don’t always know how to address something so horrific when it has already been talked about thousands of times, but my heart is definitely there with them and I know that if those victims were to know me personally, they would be encouraged by any kind of encouragement I could provide them with. There is always this grim feeling that lingers around when we wake up knowing that something like the Boston event happened, and I can’t even imagine how the people who have witnessed it could go back to living their normal lives.  Sadly enough, maybe they won’t ever go back to their normal routine.  It is always difficult to address these tragedies on the blog because I know that my two little cents don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, but I know that every single one of us empathizing with and praying for those families can make an eternal difference in God’s economy.


What’s even better is that when we unite as a people and a nation through a season of mourning, we can potentially rock this world!  The last thing I would want to see is our nation becoming desensitized to the suffering of those around us.  For example, there are countless of countries where the adults and children alike experience explosions on a daily basis.  However, do their outcries resonate louder than ours?  It certainly doesn’t seem so…And I can't help but wonder if it's because they don't have the liberty to do so and it's really all they know. One thing I’m sure of is this.  I’m grateful that we have the liberty to make an outcry in this country, and the less we close ourselves to the sufferings in this world, the more we can prevent ourselves from becoming that nation that can’t heal from a tragedy as a result of becoming desensitized.  The fact that we are making an outcry about events like these shows that there is still hope in this world.  Though fear and cynicism tries to grab a hold of our hearts, we can’t deny the fact that there are some amazing individuals out there!  This world can be downright evil, but not everyone in it is.  And I’m trying really hard to remember that.

I truly hope that your families are well and safe!  I know that the Boston Marathon is a big deal in the fitness blogging world, so please hang in there if you personally know somebody who was involved in the scene.

Let’s make the best of today and the days to come.


Ellie <33

The Crazy Happenings

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Hello lovely friends!  This time around, I felt like talking to you about the things that have been going on around here instead of writing about them.  I hope this doesn’t bring you down!  Instead, stay encouraged and I’ll talk to you soon.  

Have you ever gone out of state or out of the country to be with loved ones who are mourning?


Ellie <33