How I've Found Food Freedom+Foodie Finds

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in ,

Freedom is found in the way we handle those thoughts rather than completely do without them.  As humans we can let go of things and grow from the experience, but I find it really hard to actually forget the experience!  Hence, thoughts and temptations may come up, but we don't have to say yes to them.  Nor should we feel guilt from them. 

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Snippets Saturday

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Today is a Snippets Saturday kind of afternoon, so I will be sharing little bits and pieces from the week.  First of all, I admit that ever since Monday up until Thursday, it was one heck of a week both emotionally and spiritually!  Somebody has turned up the heat this week, and when I had had enough of that emotional roller coaster I set my foot down and proclaimed God's truth and love over everything--including myself.  I am definitely grateful for finally being able to come up out of the water for some breath! 

Thankfully this week seems to be ending on a wonderful note, since my friend AJ is visiting from Korea and yesterday we had a girls day out in Irvine.  We also got to meet someone special that Susan is seeing, mmm-hhhhhmm.  Giddiness overload, I tell ya!  Eeeek!

Oh, and I hope you ladies are having a marvelous time at Blend Retreat!  You know who you are. :) And have any of your Instagram feeds been flooding with their updates, by the way?

Ok ok... I'll stop talking now and let the pictures do all the work. :)

Twister Wrap from Native Foods Cafe in Irvine! 

Amazing vegan cafe with the best sweet potato fries and chipotle dipping sauce.


Hanging Out at the House

Cutest Gifts Ever!


Daddy Selah Moments

This little girl has been fascinated (more like obsessed) with the blinds!  She's learned to hone into her skills of using us as her step stools, hah!!!


I hope you have a great weekend, and remember that nothing in this life lasts forever, including the hardships we face!


Please share some snippets with us!

What's the best vegan place in your area?