Thursday Links + The Blessing of a Homemaker

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly

Hey there friends!  It's me, the young woman in her 20s who just got done being humbled.  Humbling myself is never a good feeling, particularly if I thought I was doing many things right. Ohhh...don't you just hate that feeling of being mentally slapped, when really that slap was a long time coming?

You see, not long after welcoming Selah into our family, I went through a pretty rough patch of what I like to call reaffirming my identity.  Fair enough.  Something that most new mommies go through.  Nothing was terribly wrong per se, but it was more like I constantly needed to affirm my value and abilities in what I did, who I was, and how much I could accomplish in a given amount of time.  God instead allowed me the opportunity to ponder, trust, and obey in the seemingly "little things" and as a result, I've been learning to rest in the fact that I am, because He isAnd not because I'm out in the workforce. To put it concisely, I often felt like being a homemaker wasn't enough for me personally.  It isn't even like I was doing a 100% satisfactory job at it, but I guess I kept searching for something more.  Somewhere to truly use my abilities, and somewhere I could really contribute my myriad of gifts.  That's the not the truth at all, I know, but that was the truth in my mind at least. 

After a good talk with my mother in law who just so happens to be extremely wise and sensitive to people's needs--meaning that I didn't have to say a word before she spoke wisdom into my life--I realized that I wasn't giving God my best.  Consequently, that means that I wasn't giving Greg my best either.  Sure I tried hard, and sure he appreciates every little thing I do, but this whole time my heart was blinded to the fact that every little scrub of the kitchen sink, every little meal prepared, and every little load of black laundry which so happens to be Greg's favorite choice of fashion, meant the world to him and God.  My mind kept searching for accomplishment elsewhere when really--it was right before my eyes in the kitchen...or in the bathroom (as funny as that sounds).

To some of you this may sound like a given as this is a norm for most wives, and to some of you this may be eye opening because you didn't realize you weren't embracing the seemingly little commitments you had before you.  Guys, let's not minimize the duties and joys we have been entrusted with, because these "simple" tasks are just as important as working in a law firm or being a surgeon of sorts.  Because faithfulness of heart is what most matters in the end and what brings us joy in the long run; to sum it up, I want to give my best in everything I do because that will ultimately reveal my character. Perhaps you can relate to these things and if so, I would love for you to share!  Ps: This by no means indicates that Greg doesn't help out because man oh man, he helps out so much around the house even when I don't expect him to! Just saying. :)

Here are some amazing links for you guys!  Some are mouth watering and some are downright pleading me to get in the kitchen and make them soon.

Umm can somebody who has access to an apple orchard be my friend so we can have an apple picking party?

I can foresee how much fun I'll have preparing healthy snacks for Selah when she {someday} goes to school!  But for now I want to keep her a 1 year old.  Is there a button to make that possible?

Speaking of healthy, err okay...not-so-healthy-but-you-can't-deny-it's-delicious recipes.  I cannot wait to try my hand at Nami's miso ramen recipe!  Greg and I could probably live off this stuff if it wasn't unhealthy and so rich.  Well, I guess that's an extra addition to my list of favorite "unhealthy dishes", next to Love Letter's chicken.

As a concerned fellow foodie, I need to stop by Momofuku Milk Bar and see what all the hype is about!  It will be a difficult task but someone's gotta do it.

I really need to stop hurting the slow cooker's feelings.  I rarely seem to cook vegetarian food with this amazing device because it tenderizes meat so perfectly.  Fortunately these recipes are starting to change my way of thinking. ;)

Everything on Cynthia's blog makes me want to kick back and eat throughout the day with a good book in hand.  Help!

I feel so cozy just looking at this school morning muesli.  Don't you?

I have never felt so strongly the pull to jump into a picture and dance in the fields like now.  Joy Prouty's photography is so mesmerizing.

Although I can't stand marshmallows these homemade meyer lemon pillows are tempting me.  So cute and fluffy they are!

In what ways do you think you need a shift in perspective?

Favorite links as of late?