Camping Out

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Happy weekend guys!  Are you having a weekend filled with joy and blessings?  I sure hope you are! I definitely had a weekend full of surprises and encouragement through my church family as we camped out at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area.  Last time I mentioned that this would be my first time ever camping out in the wild outdoors.  However, I made a mistake and forgot that I actually did get to camp and sleep in a tent before...for a full 7 days!

I know, how can a girl forget that she's been camping before for that long, right?  Well, that's because my first experience happened in Mexico about 2 years ago, when Greg and I were on a mission trip building houses for the people living in the villages.  I guess I thought of it more as ministry [which it was] rather than camping.

Well, that's enough talking and I'll let the pictures do the rest because I am pooped!  :P

Remember that good ol' activity called "stone skipping" that most of our technology immersed generation isn't even aware of?  We did that and it was cool....Call me old fashioned, but this is where the fun is at!

I seriously wanted to jump off this dock and swim!  The water was so pristine and calming, yet it reminded me of the stories in the Bible when Peter was walking on water.

And of course, what would a great camping trip be without some amazing food?  I said it before and I'll say it again.  Filipino brathas and sistas truly know how to feast!  They are all so talented and hospitable that it's kind of unbelievable.  Oh and I think I grew 2 jean sizes.

One of my faves--runny eggs!

Things got crazy over at Lake Casitas last night.  :D  Everyone was still chilling around the bonfire singing and playing their guitars, while Greg and I crawled into our little tent to get some sleep so that we could wake up early.  I gave Greg a free tanning service with his ginormous, bright flashlight.  Hah!

All in all, our camping trip was a huge success not only because of the great food, awesome company, and ridiculously funny skits, (by the way, our group won the skit and our prize was to sit in the VIP table for breakfast this morning ;)) but because God showed up in an amazing way.  Every conversation was filled with love and edification for one another.  In the end, what more can I ask for?  Nothing.

When we left the camp site Greg and I were hungry for some lunch, so we stopped at The Panini Place in the city of Camarillo.

To start off and wake ourselves up, we ordered some iced coffee.  We were sleepy, stinky, dusty, and full of uneven tan lines.  It's a miracle they even served us food!

This cute little cafe is based off of European cuisine and atmosphere, so the whole place felt nice and cozy.  The food was delicious as well!  It wasn't too heavy like most paninis that we're used to.  The bread tasted fresh and crisp, while the ingredients inside the sandwiches were perfectly seasoned.

I ordered the Veggie Panini, which I special ordered and subbed the mozzarella for goat cheese instead.  On the side, I had the most delicious Italian Wedding Soup I have ever tasted!  It kind of reminded me of the flavors that I grew up with in Argentina.

Greg got the Old Town Panini, which includes tri-tip, provolone cheese, grilled onions, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise all on French roll.  It was really good.  So good that I took two several bites. :D

We both recommend The Panini Place to anyone living near the Camarillo and Ventura area.  The price is not too pricey nor too cheap.  I would say that it's somewhere in the middle.  The food is satisfying yet light on the stomach, so it's great for digestion.  For me that's always a big plus.

Before we knew it, we drove back home and unpacked our bags.

You would think that for dinner I would have thrown together a salad bowl for the both of us, but I finally got my second wind from retreating to the wild outdoors that I made a mess in the kitchen just for this.

Recipe coming soon!

What's the highlight of your weekend?

Do you like to retreat to places when things get crazy in life?

-Sometimes I love to just drive down to the beach and walk around!


Ellie <33