Go Coconuts with a Nutty Bar *VN*

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Hayyllooo everyone! :P This is the raw recipe that I mentioned the other day.  It contains an awesome and new-to me ingredient:  it's the amazingly delicious COCONUT FLOUR!!

Hold your applause, thank you, thank you very much...

I really enjoyed them and my whole family loved it!  Except my sister, who just so happens to ALWAYS like my cooking--except this time. :P

I know these sort of look like brownies, but they're not brownies.  And the chocolate?  I intended to make it marbled, but it didn't work. But it's all good in the hood!~

Go Coconuts with a Nutty Bar *VN*


3/4 C canned black beans--drained+patted dry

1/2 C coconut flour

1/2 C brown rice crisps

1/2 C peanut butter!

1/2 C almond milk

1/4 C brown rice syrup (I used Lundberg's)

1/8 C maple syrup


First, finely process all the black beans.

Add the coconut flour and...

eat the P.B., then dollop a huge blob and eat some more. :D (That's Once Again PB which I love)

After wards, add the almond milk.

Whirl the ingredients away!!

Add the brown rice syrup and the maple syrup into the processor.

Melt some dark chocolate chips in the microwave in increments of 30 seconds, until completely melted.

Lastly, fold in the brown rice crisps and the chocolate.

Spread the mixture into a 9x9 inch brownie pan and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or freeze it for 15 minutes like I did because I didn't want to wait! Hehe.

And voila, you'll end up with raw, kind of 'fudgey' bars.

I know, weird photo :P

Some Tips for You:

  • The brown rice crisps are not that noticeable taste-wise, but I believe they add a certain textural element to the bars.
  • Instead of doing little steps like I did, you can probably process everything at once! :) I think?
  • Maybe just drizzling the chocolate on top may create a prettier and crunchy chocolate effect!

These are good either post workout, as a dessert, or breakfast, or dinner, or....yeahh haha!


This is random!  Have you tried Genesis Bread?! It's like, Ezekiel Bread's cousin or something.

I know that my dad hated it, but I personally like the nutty taste to it.  Hate is such a strong word don't you think?

And I've been eating some delicious oatmeal concoctions, as well as Ashley's buckwheat bakes!

Oats with PEAR, I highly recommend it. ^.~*

And the famous buckwheat bake with a tropical twist.  I used TJ's unsulphured dried mangoes!

I apologize for the information overload y'all!! But this is the most important thing!  Daniel is now taking his first STEPS!!!!!!!! yayyyy!!  I just tried uploading the video, but there was an error.

My Question to you:  Have you tried coconut flour?  What's your fave recipe with coconut flour?

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :D  Don't forget to love on others and smile.  You never know whose life you will change!

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33