Semi-Healthy Living Counts Too

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Hola dear friends!  First of all, I want to wish you a great Memorial Day and let's tip our hats off to the brave men and women serving our country--those of the past and present. Thank you tons!

Summing Up My Fitness Routines

If you've been reading my blog for some time now, then you're probably familiar with some of my fitness routines and the ways that I choose to stay healthy.  Yes, I say choose because it's not a matter of being genetically athletic or even having a certain build, but it's a matter of making the everyday decision to wear those running shoes and hit the pavement.

I realized the other day that I tend to share with you some workouts here and there as well as my thoughts on fitness DVDs, but without taking into consideration that it's kind of all over the place!  Many of you blame your overly organized ways on your type-A personalities.  I blame my scatter brained type-AB personality for my lack of organizing skills.  Heh. (Well, we're actually supposed to be more like genius or psychos.  You choose.) :)

So here's a compilation of what I've been doing lately, if you're interested.

Obviously, I don't perform these routines all within the same day!  I normally go with the flow while having a loose fitness plan on my mind throughout the week.  Typically I like to work out 5 times a week or as time allows.  If on a given day I feel like my muscles are extremely tight and need to be "elongated", then my go-to routines would be either Leah's Ballet Downloads or some kind of yoga stretching.  And vice versa.  Whenever I know that my cardiovascular system needs a kick in the derriere, I run on the treadmill or perform body weight circuits.

One thing I would like to remind you of, however, is that in order to live an active lifestyle one doesn't need to go berserk with a 1-hour sweat session every single day!

No sirree, it can be something as simple as jogging for a good 15 minutes or even cranking out some burpees and squats for a duration of 10 minutes.  I really loved these Front Deck Workout tips from Talia because not only are they genius and practical, but they're a great reminder that as long as we put our muscle [and mind] into whatever we're doing, we're still leading a healthy lifestyle.

Although my knowledge on fitness is limited as I've never ever taken a course on it, I do know the importance of changing it up as often as we can from personal experience.

So get out there and have fun!

Find what you like to do and what kind of routines best suit your personality and weekly schedule.  I know that in the blog world it's so easy to fall into the "must try this workout because he/she does it" mindset, but the important thing is to keep moving and finding the things you enjoy in fitness.  For example, just because I L.O.V.E. Insanity it doesn't mean that you will too.

Throughout most of my life I liked the idea of being active (and even athletic), but I just didn't have the motivation to do anything about it!  Partly because I didn't know how.

Nowadays there are many great resources and people with so much knowledge that there is no reason to not challenge your body.  :D  Even if you start taking baby steps to partaking in a healthy lifestyle, the important thing is that you're doing something about it and it can only get better from here on out (with a few ups and downs).

Speaking of semi-healthy...

These semi-healthy banana nut muffins are so tasty!  I ended up making a batch for Greg and a men's group he facilitated the other day.  I wasn't sure what their reactions would be since I'm so critical of my own recipes!  And with good reason--because sometimes they're just no bueno.

But you know what?  They loved it.  ;)  Despite the fact that there are onemillionbajillionzillion banana muffin recipes out there already, I will make sure to post it up soon!

PS:  Do you notice something different on my blog?!  It it's not obvious then I don't know what to tell ya. Haha!  The layout and template is completely different.  However, it's kind of crazy looking and messy because I'm still getting to know how to work DIY Themes.  Oy, my lack of computer skills just kills me.  "You're killing me Smalls!"

In what ways do you choose to stay active?

If you're wanting to be active but aren't, what's holding you back?

This week I will try to ________.

-Be outdoors more often!


Ellie <33