Knotty Kids at Knott's and WIAW

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Hi all!  How is your Wednesday going so far? Mine and Greg's started okay but rough!  And that was all because of this little guy...

Orion is the type of person cat that likes predictability.  He loves routine, food, sleep, affection, and did I mention routine? Greg and I needed to drop off a 15-passenger van early this morning, so in a sense Orion was right in trying to wake us up with his loud meowing and howling.  Yes my friends, this cat howls like it's his full-time job!  At least more than 50 percent of the time he will be the one waking us up way early, rather than the alarm itself.  :P 

So why in the world did we have to drop off a 15-passenger van?

Because we took our kiddos from the MAD Club to Knott's Berry Farm as our last treat for their being part of our group!  They just ended school last week, and I don't think that there could have been a more perfect way to kick start their summer break.

It was all of these girls plus three boys, Emily, Greg, and myself.

These kids are just so precious, and the mere fact that they've been picking up on our weekly lessons and trying to live them out is truly rewarding.  We're so grateful to God for allowing us to serve these kids at a public school because that's just unheard of in this generation.

Hahaha!  I don't know why but all of us were cracking up at the second to last picture.  It just looks so.....comical!  :P  And aren't they so cute?  They had so much fun yesterday, which I'm glad about because through all the laughs, times of disobedience, and having heart-to-heart talks, we were able to bond so much more than if we were stuck in a classroom.

Although we won't be seeing them officially anymore, we're hoping that we will stay in touch.  Now, wouldn't it be crazy to get a phone call from these guys 10 years from now?!  I'm hoping that's the case because I can still remember some of my mentor figures from childhood, and the thought of them just brings me so much joy and encouragement. ;)

Link it up through Jenn!

Today's breakfast was all about the protein pancakes, babay!  They were made just like the last ones I posted about except I cooked these with banana slices inside the batter.

The toppings include the usual:  home made coconut butter, strawberries, Love Grown Granola, PB Crave that I won on Kat's giveaway, and a new to me but oh-so-delicious ingredient called Labe Kefir cheese.  So let me talk a little bit more about that Kefir cheese.  It is in the consistency of really thick greek yogurt, yet a lighter cream cheese.  It tastes super creamy and tangy all at the same time--great when smeared on toast or used as a dollop on pancakes and oatmeal.  Mmmm!

So about this ginormous cinnamon roll...after we dropped the van off this morning, Greg was really craving a fat cinna-roll from Mimi's Cafe, so we made a quick pit stop and after he ate 2/3 of it, I took a few bites off the crusty part (which is always my favorite part of any baked treat).  Naturally.  Hah!

Pretty much the whole day I was having stomach trouble so I wasn't very hungry for a big, heavy lunch.  Well, usually lunch is light for me, but today's was lighter than usual.  I opted for an Ezekiel toast with melted muenster cheese and avocado smeared on top.  Veggies are usually a must for my meals, so I had it along with salsa, spinach, celery, bell pepper, and hummus.

Have a beautiful day and know that you are loved to death!  (Literally.  If you know what I mean. :))

Are you the type to go to amusement parks? 

-I kind of am, but now whenever I go I get headaches and nauseated!  I guess I'm definitely getting "older" :P

Did you have any mentor figures while growing up?  What kind of influence did they have on you?

Have you tried Labne Kefir cheese?  Would you want to give it a try?


Ellie <33