Thinking out Loud | Food and Birthday Prep

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Amanda's link-up couldn't have come at a better time of the week because my mind is racing with all sorts of thoughts right now!  Food.  Selah's 1 year birthday which we call Dohl in Korean.  And it's only 1 month and 3 weeks away.  Yikes.  Sooo let's get started, guys!

1.  I know in my last post I stated that my diet normally consists of 75-80% wholesome, "clean" meals and snacks.  So...I kind of lied about that one.  Well I didn't exactly lie about it since I said I normally eat that way, but the past 2 weeks have been more like 60%.  I mean, with all these amazing bakeries in my area I just can't help but to magically pop in a shop and casually walk out with one of these beauties.


I'm not even a bacon fan but this maple bacon cupcake from Torrance Bakery wasn't half bad!  I still pledge my cupcake allegiance to anything lemon and lime, though.

2.  But to be fair, I've also been loving on healthy food like kabocha squash.  I missed the stuff so badly that I purchased several to stock up in case the stores run out for some odd reason.  If you haven't tried baking or boiling kabocha yet, you really should!  These days I boil it in just enough water to get it soft and dunk it in peanut butter, greek yogurt, and cinnamon.  It's such a satisfying snack for when I'm craving hearty, sweet food.


3.  Fortunately breakfast is never a problem for me and it's been quite successful in terms of flavor and nutrition!  Man, these pancakes.  They are all-natural protein pancakes with no protein powder in them since I like to share them with Selah.  Ummmm I have no words to describe them except that they're one of the best pancakes I've had or made up to date!  I know I say that about most of my pancake recipes, but this one is fantastic--so much so that Selah eats a whole one by herself and then asks for more.  Yup, she's an eater like momma! :)


4.  Dinner has been all sorts of different dishes.  People I know often ask me if I make the same thing every night, but the answer is no, sirrie.  I love variety too much so one night it's Korean, then it's taco night, then it's pulled BBQ chicken, then it's pasta, and then there's fish.  Although Greg isn't very fond of fish, he'll still eat most of it.  I, on the other hand, love to get creative with it like the other night when I made these Tilapia sandwiches.  I had an open faced sandwich with some greens on the side and it hit the spot.  I think I can eat fish everyday if I could afford it, hah!


5.  On a different note, Selah is turning THE BIG 1 on June 16!  Just thinking about it makes me feel bittersweet emotions because as exciting as it is to see her thrive, it is also hard to "let go".  Okay so I get that she's not even 1 yet, but I think letting go as a mom is a lesson I'll be learning for the rest of my life.  I'm just infinitely thankful God has her life in His hands, or else I don't know what I'd do in her teenage years.


6.  And now I need your input on her upcoming birthday party.  You see, we're going to invite all of our church members, family, and friends for Selah's first and I've still yet to decide what's on the menu.  We already have the location ready to go, but I'm sort of at a loss when it comes to the details.  What kind of food would you suggest we cater, and should I make a theme for it?   We are also trying to be as frugal as possible which is a challenge I can handle.  I think.


It's kind of hard to come up with these things because Korean families usually host 1st birthday parties that are almost as grand as a wedding!  Yes, it sounds rather silly but like I mentioned in other posts, it is one of the greatest traditions for a Korean family.  Greg and I decided to break away from the norm and just do what seems reasonable and relaxed--or, as relaxed as it can be.  We'll most likely keep it the American way with a few Korean Dohl activities for Selah.  They're called dohl jahbee and it's so cute to watch the baby's reaction to it all!  Needless to say, I am getting somewhat overwhelmed thinking about the details but at least we're able to even give her a 1st birthday, right?  It's all about perspective.  And with that said, I'm open to all suggestions, my friends.

Have a beautiful day and be blessed!

What kind of experience do you have with organizing parties and events?

-I only have worked on my wedding, but nothing when it comes to a large birthday party.

What are your favorite foods lately?  How do you balance out all the sweets you consume, if at all?