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This document was last updated on May 24, 2018.  

We respect and value your (the "user's")  privacy here at the website http://www.fromscratchmostly.com .  Our goal is to continue to make this space a cozy and uplifting platform, a safe haven, if you will.  We have never, nor will we ever, sell, share, or pass on your private information (ie: emails) for personal gain. 

Types of data we collect

Email & Name 

Some of the ways we collect personal information  from our users is by acquiring the user's name and email, as applicable.  For example, if you so choose to post a comment on our website, you would have to input your name and email address.  In addition, should you be interested in signing up for our mailing list or future newsletters, you would need to provide your name and email as well; the same goes for fun and optional activities such as, but not limited to, sponsored posts, giveaways, contests, surveys, and the like.  Lastly, it goes without saying that we would require of you to provide your name and email address when you send us a message via the CONTACT FORM, which is embedded on the website.  

Website Cookies

Here at From Scratch, Mostly we use website cookies for one sole purpose.  And that is to compile the preferences that you, as our user, have displayed during your duration in this website.  This will ensure that your future experiences are pleasant and smooth. In short, usage of cookies is somewhat akin to your regular coffee order at your local coffee shop.  The barista gets to know your preferences throughout the weeks.  Is it tea, coffee, a strong shot of espresso that you like?  Until said barista pretty much knows that you will most likely order that medium heart shaped latte. 

Be advised that there will be possible displays of Ad banners and advertisers, which we would refer to as a third-party website.  They will have their own privacy policies and From Scratch, Mostly is not affiliated to their practices and policies.  This is another way that cookies are stored.  When the user demonstrates interest in specific types of "ads" that appear herein, the cookies will collect memory data as to what ads will best be suitable for the user.  

It might serve you to know that you are more than welcome to set notifications when cookies are being sent, and/or you may choose to turn "cookies" off in your web browser.  This may become a slight impediment to your internet browsing experience, however, so it is wholly up to you as the responsible user. For example, in the Google browser, you simply would have to click on "History">"Clear Browsing Data".  This is just an example out of the many browsers available out there. 

Data Protection

We do our best to protect the privacy and personal information of our users; however, the internet is ever evolving and is never perfectly exempt from security breach, as evidenced in so many past cases throughout internet history.  Any provision of personal information via this website, as with any other website that is in compliance with these stated rules, is at the user's risk.

Squarespace Analytics

From Scratch, Mostly utilizes the very nifty analytics tool provided by Squarespace, the very platform that hosts this website right before your eyes. It provides geographical regions of users such as yourself, the types of search keywords that are typed in for articles and posts, and so on. However, our website has made it so we do not collect any type of IP address, which ensures the user is not trackable in any shape or form--not even by us.   

Mailing Lists

One of the other significant times you will see us acquiring your personal information, such as your name and email address, is when you opt to sign up for our newsletters which will include highlight posts, recipes, projects, business matters, and so forth, to keep interaction going and to make sure that you are satisfied with our website. We will ask you to check the box by or below our mailing and/or newsletter sign-up form for consenting to receive our website's emails, and for having read our privacy policy and terms of use. 

The platform we use for compiled emails is MailChimp and should you opt to join our mailing list, you will also be subject to MailChimp's privacy policy and cookies policy.  From Scratch, Mostly does not trade, rent, or sell any kind of user information, and neither does MailChimp.  Should you choose to bid farewell to our lovely newsletters at any given time, you can easily do so by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of our emails and/or newsletters.  If there is any trouble with this format, you may request personally via my contact page

Third Parties

Some of the instances when our site will come into contact with other companies or websites is when:

  •  we are linking to their site
  • hosting a giveaway
  • providing a survey
  • working on a collaboration with brands
  • possible ad banners and advertisers
  • or any type of optional activity in which you would need to provide your personal information such as your name and email address.

This is, of course, all optional to you as the user, and by no means are you required to participate in those activities in order to navigate through our website.  You will want to know, however, that if you so choose to opt in those activities hosted on our website, and say, you win the giveaway, you might be required to provide more detailed information such as your phone number and mailing address to the company providing the giveaway.  This is indefinitely the user's responsibility and From Scratch, Mostly is not liable, nor subject to any responsibility, for the user's choice to provide their personal information to related companies and/or websites for participating in such (awesome!) activities.  These companies and/or websites have their own privacy policies and are subject to change, but they are not to be confused with From Scratch, Mostly's privacy policies.  At this website, we do not hold responsibility for other companies and/or websites' actions.  

Terms of Use and Changes to Privacy Policy

We here at From Scratch, Mostly have the right to change and amend our policies as deemed suitable, in compliance with international laws as well as those that align with United States' internet laws.  The goal is to keep the site running smoothly without any interruptions or causing any inconveniences to our users.  However, due to the current requirements of Privacy Policies, the site is always subject to any change that is required of us.  

You are welcome and entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Should you want to request any changes regarding your personal information, please email Ellie Betzen at elliemhkim@gmail.com, or simply fill out the form below. 

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Having said all this, should you continue to use this website at http://www.fromscratchmostly.com , we assume that you accept these terms and conditions solely by your individual choice and never by coercion.  If these terms are not in alignment with your values and/or privacy terms, we kindly suggest that you do not continue the usage of this site.  By continuing to visit our website, you are accepting our terms and possible changes of policies in the future. We appreciate your support and cooperation!

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